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Whether you are a student in your final year of studies, looking for a job, or whether you already have a job in the field of engineering, this platform is intended for you.

At your disposal:
  • The CV creator (European standards)
  • A job board with job offers AND internships
  • Visit the 3D stands of the companies
  • Spontaneously apply through the contact details published on the job portal
The platform for online jobs offers various features:
  • A job board with the CVs of the applicants
  • A recruitment tool
  • Are you looking for specific profiles? Let us know.
  • A permanent platform with virtual stands in 3D emphasizing the branding of your business.
Only for business partners other than selection and recruitment agencies

You would like more information about:
  • The benefits of the job portal and how can you help your engineer?
  • How to post a vacancy on our job platform and the practical details (rates, registration and login)?
Contact Chantal Versweyveld via: / 0496 51 26 96